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About Instant Tek Solution

Instant Tek Solution is located in Silicon Valley, North California. We specialize in providing high quality website design, software programming, and Internet Marketing consulting, database development and other related IT solutions, Marketing, Web Maintenance and web hosting solutions.

Our Professional Services

We specialize in the integration of the website, graphic, marketing information, all related services to help you put together. There are problems Instant Tek Solution will give you 100% quality of service. Each project is different depending on the customer needs, Instant Tek Solution will depend on your actual situation and needs to give you the quotes for helping customers achieve anything. Instant Tek Solution will help you deal with difficulties and provide recommendations. Instant Tek Solution provides the best service for customer service, and also wins the trust of many customers. Lot of existing customers are still willing to work with Instant Tek Solution for on-going projects.

Our Professional Team

Our team comprises of a rich mix of IT Engineers, Graphic Designers, Photographer Professionals, creative artists, and sales professionals with one common goal of driving YOUR business forward through a holistic solution package. Depending on the stage of business you are in, whether you are in the company formation stage or at a matured business position, our products will help you in leveraging a better value for your company.

PM( Program Manager) – The good or bad PM likes computer’s antivirus software. Good PM will provides the best solution for your needs. Bad PM will let you headache. Our project manager has more than 10 years experiences, that’s why our customers are satisfied our solutions and services.

PD (Programmer,computer programmer ) – Professional programmer will help you build very solid system. Even later on, if you want to expand your system, you will not spend lots of money to re-build new system.

MD (Multimedia Design) – Integrate text, images, audio, video and many other elements. MD will create animation, special effects and other visual communication design work to deliver message to customers .

Instant Tek Solution provides website design, graphic design, website optimization and custom web application design/implementation. We all depend on “YOUR” needs to build “YOUR” solutions. Instant Tek Solution also provides cloud services to build your next level “Management System” ( You can access your application/data from anywhere)


19925 Stevens Creek Blvd #100, Cupertino, CA 95014